Special Orders

Special Requests

“I absolutely LOVE your all-natural, old-fashioned homemade soaps, but I wish you carried them in_______________”

(We hear this all the time!)
made to order
While we try and make sure we always have plenty of popular and unique varieties to choose from, nobody can stock everything under the sun. Do YOU have a favorite soap (or other product) scent that isn’t listed on our website? Contact us and we’ll try our darndest to accommodate your request! A couple policy guidelines to keep in mind when you call or write:

* We ask for a minimum order of at least 5 bars/items, at the regular price in addition to the normal shipping charges (if applicable)

* A special order price could (not necessarily will, but could) be higher than our regular price per bar/item, due to the potentially higher cost of the ingredients requested

* We are a vegetarian company, so do not produce anything using animal products (for example, we wouldn’t do an emu oil soap–yes, shockingly, there is such a thing!)

Cruelty Free

Discontinued Soaps & Other Products Still Available By Special Order!

We’re constantly trying new things. Most of the varieties we begin take off, but occasionally some don’t. Also, some are seasonal, and so aren’t available on the website year-round. Thankfully, if you’ve stumbled upon one of our products you can no longer live without, you don’t have to! Just contact us and let us know what you want (same minimum purchase quantity as above would apply, except that, since we already have them down pat, the soaps/products would be regular price). A partial list of some past creations which are now only available by special order are:

* Lemon Poppy

* Mocha Latte

* Hawaiian Ginger

Custom Images

We also currently have the capacity to produce glycerin-based soaps with your own custom images. Almost anything you can imagine, we can create–for your graduation, wedding, child’s birthday… retirements, religious or club gatherings… anything you can conceive, we can put on a soap!